Caring with Warm Hug

Dr's Brand Story

‘Health’ is the basis for living life.

We believe that keeping your body warm is the first step to good health,
and hope that our products deliver warmth to you rather than
just simple medical devices for your health.

To achieve this, we created products that fit the diverse body types
and lifestyles of Koreans, unlike products tailored to
everyone's body type, and researched the materials needed
to make them. So, we started weaving and processing
the highest quality carbon yarn ourselves.

We will be with you to help customers
who use our products take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle.

For everyone

A chilly evening while shivering in a cold sweat, I came up with the idea of ​​Dr's Heat Bag. Also the idea of Dr's Carbon Mat camp up with the hope of providing warmth to the entire body for my son, who has a weak immune system.

From a medical device brand to a lifestyle brand, we want to warmly embrace everyone’s hearts.

- Founder

Let us give you a warm today.

Manufacturer 'Doctor Supply' is a professional medical device
manufacturer with recognized technology and R&D capabilities
through supply to leading general hospitals in South Korea,
based on 18 years of clinical experience in manufacturing
medical devices and care for patients and the elderly.

The brand 'Dr's' would like to establish itself as a new material product brand
that presents a healthy lifestyle through the carbon heating technology
of the manufacturer Doctor Supply and reliable heating technology.

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