Feel the right temperature with 100% real carbon heating mat!

Dr's Carbon Fiber Thread Heating Mat


This product is made from 100% real carbon fiber thread, making it lightweight, safe, and remarkably comfortable compared to other heating mats. Because of the carbon fibers, it quickly (10 seconds!) delivers a warm sensation, ensuring safety without any discomfort during use. The carbon fiber threads in this mat are created using special technology with 3,000 yarns per line and a total of 20 lines of carbon fibers. This technology prevents overheating and emits far-infrared rays, warming the body from the inside. Currently, no other heating mats on the market boast a radiation rate as high as 90.3%, a feature unique to the Dr's Carbon Fiber Thread Heating Mat.

Ultra Slim

Have you grown tired of expensive and bulky heating mats that are only usable at home? Experience the sleekness of Dr's Carbon Fiber Thread Heating Mat! Our ultra slim heating mat, just 0.04 inches (1 mm) thin, allows you to conveniently carry and use it anywhere in your home or during outdoor activities like camping. Unlike conventional electric heating wires, this mat utilizes a carbon fiber, ensuring an incredibly slim design. Born from Dr's unique technology, the carbon chamber provides thin and convenient comfort whether you're at home or on the go, eliminating the need for space between the skin and heating wires.

EMF Free

Are you wondering if carbon heating mats on the market are truly made of pure carbon? Other brands simply use a carbon coating on their electric heating wires and label it as a carbon mat. But Dr's Carbon Fiber Thread Heating Mat proudly distinguishes itself by using carbon fiber made from 100% pure carbon, not just carbon-coated wires. So it allows for easy washing and ensures effective electromagnetic wave blocking (EMF FREE - we don't use any electric heating wires!). With a dual safety system utilizing DC current and secondary carbon material, it effectively shields against electromagnetic waves, ensuring the safety of your family.



I purchased it for my always cold wife, and to confirm the product, I plugged it in and asked her to lie down for a test. In conclusion, she said 'it's warm,' and that made me happy. I've noticed a clear difference from other electric blankets.

The difference is that when you lie down or touch it for the first time, there isn't an immediate warm sensation. With regular electric blankets, you feel warmth when you touch them or lie down... So, initially, I felt a slight disappointment, like getting a hit on the back of my head. Even though I bought the product after thorough research, I was shaken by the thought that it might not be as good as a regular electric blanket. However, Dr.'s Carbon Heating Mat subtly warms the body.

The skin warms up, and you can feel the warmth...
Purchased: 8/12/2023
Purchasing the fourth one for each family member... The controller has changed compared to the previous model, and the thickness seems a bit increased, but the subtly warm feeling is still wonderful. It's definitely a product I won't regret.
Purchased: 11/24/2023
Warm in no time! My dog doesn't want to leave my side, haha. Maybe it's because of the thick fur, but it seems even warmer for him, lol. I'm feeling warm, though, haha.
Purchased: 11/18/2023
I purchased the large size, and I love the separate heating on both sides and the Bluetooth control. With a baby at home, I opted for the larger size, and it's warmer than I expected, haha. Even the second heat setting feels a bit too hot, so I use it on the first setting and cover it with a thin blanket, which seems just right.
Purchased: 12/28/2023


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